4 video streaming platforms where you can listen to the music

Video streaming is increasing at a tremendous rate and moreover, it has no intention of slowing down. Users are moving towards phone apps for a television that is extensively used for streaming videos. Music videos are also will endure a valuable market growth rate that will grow with the number of digital platforms. Take a look of a few platforms that will surprise you with their options.


Founding from Israeli startup Qlipso, Veoh represents itself as an internet TV company. The site possesses millions of videos, but unfortunately, not all of them professionally produced.

The site presents a lot of music content including a variety of TV clips, music divided by genres and groups by tastes.


From the beginning, at the mid-2000s MySpace was a social network site but it is still around and specialized now on video content. Besides music content, It maintains also interview-based and features celebrities funny videos, not in common situations.

 The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a web-based library of all sorts of free content, including music and video. It has a vast collection of historical content that hard to find on the other sites. The service is also free but appreciate for donate. Well, what of these two options is the strongest part is up to you, but it is still good to discover, especially when you have some refined require.


This Top video streaming platform you obviously know very well, but still, we want to remind about some features. First, is wast variety of music channel that focused and targed-oriented, you can follow exact artists that you like and do not miss any new content. The second one, is Premium version that you can enjoy without any ads and for free for a first month.