Best music innovation

We have selected some of the brightest innovations of the previous year related to the music industry.

Loopmasters Loopcloud

This is the best friend for sound producers and the ‘sample management utility’. Loopcloud acts as a plug-in within your DAW but then it connects to the graphical interface, and you see which samples are there in the Loopcloud. The main function is that you have the opportunity to listen to samples by time or by key regardless of what you create. You can easily find the instruments, genres, you need in Loopcloud. It is very easy to search for and buy new samples. You even get a GB of samples when you download the software for the first time. A simple, useful and inspiring music innovation. 

The winner of Gear of the year 2018. Price Free

Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox

A regular box outside, inside is a serious invention that can make incredible sounds. It’s therefore not surprising that this gizmo received Highly Commended Innovation Award. This box is designed specifically for those who like to experiment with music and find new palettes of sounds. Soundbox is a source of new and exciting sampled or processed tones. This is a very necessary and useful assistant for a musician who is becoming increasingly in demand in the music business.

A wonderful find for sound producers. Price: €149 Kit, €199 Built