Everything you need to know on how to promote your music on Soundcloud in 2020

We all know that Soundcloud is taking leading positions in the streaming music field. For example, consider user-generated content and strategic investments made by companies to stay one step ahead of the game. Soundcloud has raised $ 75 million from satellite radio giant SiriusXM, owner of the streaming giant Pandora, which maintains an advertising partnership with Soundcloud. 

Let’s get a little background. According to PitchBook, Soundcloud was last valued at $ 500 million in 2017. SiriusXM described the deal as a minority stake in an advertising partnership where Pandora sold SoundCloud inventory on its software platform. Together, they are serving an audience of 100 million unique listeners in the US, Soundcloud said, and Soundcloud first made a profit of $ 200 million in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Birth of Soundcloud and the rise of Soundcloud Plays and Likes

Launched in Berlin in 2007 – one of the first startup companies that have also witnessed the rise of Spotify – SoundCloud has seen several significant ups and downs in his life. The target for Twitter takeover and then Spotify. The company never turned this conversation into a business, not least because of the asking price and the excess of licensing issues and related business models. 

Indeed, Soundcloud as an independent startup – and despite the influx of viral popularity and clear credibility on the road with a long list of advertising materials used by the platform to try new things and send their songs and other sound-based works to the world – never fails yesterday Overcome the licensing and revenue increase problems faced by all streaming companies, despite collecting $ 404 million in funding today. 

Near to running out of money at one spine, it restructured, laying people off, with one founder, Alex Ljung, stepping down as CEO as it raised difficulty funding, and the other co-founder Eric Wahlforss leaving last year. It’s been a much more peaceful business in recent years as a result. But even as it has gone down, it has continued to grow, and this deal is proof that it’s not done for yet. 

While the popularity of the platform is growing, artists question how to improve visibility for their music and attract more fans. We already know there are various ways in which musicians can spend time growing a Soundcloud page. Fastening with others, commenting and in-person networking. Yet many of these points would take more than a little investment of time to grow close to a proper following. Did you ever meet the Mass Engagement? It means to take your targeted audience and follow them en masse. For those, you need an impressive amount of Soundcloud Plays and Soundcloud Likes. That means the follower account has the potential to go up by hundreds and bring more juice to your profile. 

Nearly every artist’s first step: Get free Soundcloud Plays 

For beginners, Soundcloud has become a platform where they can start their careers for free. That’s the good part. 

The bad part is the challenge of getting plays and gaining popularity that doesn’t escape the attention of marketers. If you are not yet a well-established artist, you will face challenges to get followers when you are just starting on this platform. 

Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, these challenges have not escaped the attention of marketers who have prepared a lot of media to help artists get more work while loading small tokens in return. We will show you how the right mind at Soundcloud can do spectacles with the best tools. These tools increase engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and most importantly, PLAYS and help to get beloved Soundcloud followers. 

What about buying Soundcloud Followers, Comments and Reposts?

OK … This is not as hard as Youtube. But … Soundcloud uses an internal algorithm to determine song popularity and make the results of user requests more relevant. 

The very first statistic is the number of Likes, Plays, and Followers. The algorithm becomes more and more developed and looks on an artist profile more deeply, evaluating overall users’ engagement with the content. Imagine! When some music lover liked the track,  likely he will start to follow an artist and willing to lead a comment and share it with friends of course. These organic steps eventually lead to generating more Plays and creating organic buzz around the artist brand. 

Imagine! When some music lover liked the track,  likely he will start to follow an artist and willing to lead a comment and share it with friends of course. These organic steps eventually lead to generating more Plays and creating organic buzz around the artist brand. 

Please note! Streaming platforms improve their algorithms and top up profiles, where the audience engages with artists’ content organically. 

However, Soundcloud is not interested in sharing technology. To get a good perspective, imagine Google’s Pagerank algorithm. It should also be noted that much of the information in this algorithm is several years old and it seems like many things have been kept secret lately. We collected important tips on how to promote your music on SoundCloud. Let’s look at some fundamental and right Soundcloud elements: 

  • Related Songs & Discoveries – The Related tracks and Discover assist users to find relative songs that they might be interested in based on their past interests and interactions. The path here is chosen using an algorithm that includes recommendations from network interaction platforms for best Soundcloud promo. This can be a different action – e.g. users, liked songs, interaction with other users, songs are shared by someone on your network, etc.
  • Interaction is key – in both fields above, it is clear that network interaction is key. Contact your audience and other artists and increase the value of the platform. This increases your chances of joining the charts and following the suggested song.
  • Chart – Soundcloud Charts feature highlights songs that were heard and made a noize by Soundcloud this week.
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How to make an album on Soundcloud and increase the potential of the artist 

Okay, as long we are on the right track you have a bit understanding of how Soundcloud organizes tracks, let’s look at some of the best things you can do to appropriate this algorithm and create an album for artist rising popularity. 

  • Quality – this must be understood, but the quality of your music is an important determinant of the performance of a song. We assume that you only do your best and invest time in promoting these songs.
  • Track Title – We recommend that you follow the general format “Artist Name – Song Title”.
  • Metadata – Proper metadata can make Soundcloud easier to understand and categorize your songs.
  • Genre – Make sure you categorize your song genres correctly. When trying to enter the charts it is important to mark the right genre. The first genre you mark is often the most important. So make sure it matches one of the main audio categories in the diagram.
  • Time Frame – with the opening part, this is burdened with new songs. You only have a small window to maximize the lighting in this area. So make sure you maximize your advertising efforts after your post is online.
  • Design – Give your song a more professional look. Visit a website like Fiverr to do cheap design work, or use a tool like Canva if you want to do it yourself.
  • Platform factor – All interactions that people make with your Spotify song are considered. Likes, comments, plays, and other interactions are all factors that can help you rank higher.
  • External factors – This one is much less common for many users, but external factors are also considered when deciding how much exposure your song will get. Getting links to your recordings from high-quality websites and the number of shares for social platforms can help improve your songs on Soundcloud.

Okay, now you know how to upload your content. This is done It’s well-known that Reddit is one of the best places where professional exchange their experience. We mixed our experience and tips from authors we love and create some tactics best Soundcloud promotion. 

Credible promotional tactics for getting more Soundcloud Likes 

  • Cross-Promotion – the tactic of cross-promotion not only helps other platforms not only help with the mismatch mentioned algorithm but is also the best way to increase plays and increase exposure. Use your other social networks to promote your posts and encourage your followers to like and post. If you have a website, you can also integrate the SoundCloud widget to provide a link to your song. Repost chain – Many channels participate in the “repost bidding” or “repost chain” process to increase exposure.
  • Free Downloads – Offering free song downloads can make your music more varied and increase exposure. You can allow free downloading for a few tracks from the new release and attract more attention.
  • Profile link – Just as you want to use your other social profile to promote Soundcloud, you want to use the link on your profile to direct you to other platforms for others to follow. Your loyal fans want to follow you on various platforms. So make it easy for to share links with audience.
  • Spotlight – If you are a pro user, you will also have access to a feature called. Spotlight which allows you to add a title to the top of your profile. This is very useful when you want to send lots of songs from other artists. These songs may not be the first thing users see when they visit your profile.
  • Create Playlists – Playlists can be a great way to share the music you like with your audience. They can also be a great way to help build relationships. They can be found when people search for genres and have the option to appear on the homepage when your playlist becomes popular. If you have a collection of songs that you like in a particular genre or setlist that you like, you can create playlists and share them with your audience.
  • Consistency – Even the best channels are hidden without consistency. It might be difficult at first if the results aren’t immediately clear, but the consistency of your Soundcloud activity is one of the best habits you can develop.

Alright, you made it so far! This means that you are interested in creating the perfect profile. And that’s amazing! But that’s a lot of information and sometimes it takes a long time. We know … So there is always the choice to pay a little to get bigger results. For any more information or professional consultation contact us!

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