How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The Music Industry

The music industry going to be reshaped with technology as many business areas did soon enough. McKinsey’s report revealed information that 70% of companies will adjust at least one artificial intelligence (AI) technology by 2030. It is expected, that AI will enhance human skills and will help to become more effective in the field they work.

The music industry AI innovations aimed to contribute with a tremendous amount of data and create efficacy. Talking about the impact AI could bring to the industry it is obligatory to mention the capacity to streamline and sort countless amount of tracks uploaded to the streaming platform daily. The AI could develop existed algorithms and assure more accurate match with listeners taste.

Scott Cohen is one idea leader in the music industry considers that AI and big data executed the “music genre” out-of-date because AI-generated playlists are made not based on genre, but what is presumed as good music. Moreover, blockchain technology could bring artists long waiting autonomy from brands and mediators.


Creating music by AI these days is not shock audience that much like for example 10 years ago but still raises questions regarding how it works and is it possible for AI-created music be melodic. AI starts by analyzing data from various music compositions when it creates musical parts. Through coating learning, the algorithm determines what characteristics create music that is pleasant for a certain genre. The AI model can compose innovative musical products by mixing elements in unique ways.

Besides making music, Artificial intelligence could even predict the next stars and helping the industry with A&R discovery. It’s difficult to search through music and find artists that haven’t signed to a record label, and it is very helpful with streaming music these days.