King $wagg’s “Heavy” is a new release that is gonna blow this up! Listen!

King $wagg is all ready and set to climb atop the charts, breaking all barriers that stand between him and success. Inspired by the likes of icons of Hip Hop such as Master P, King $wagg is driven to produce music, which is real, bold, and authentic. Upcoming singer and songwriter King $wagg is all set to send waves in the genres of Hip Hop and Rap.

The Milwaukee-based rapper is a true force to be reckoned with, spinning magic with lyrics that channel soul-stirring poetry delivered through stellar mixtapes and Eps which he has put out under the artistic name “Poboy”. Having faced numerous trials and tribulations in life, including incarceration, King $wagg continues to enthrall and amaze listeners, crafting for himself a unique position in the fast-paced genre.

With a phenomenal discography that includes hip singles such as “Trenches”, which was released in 2012, and “Swagg World” which he put out in 2015, the growing rapper showcases lyrical brilliance and smooth Rap rhythms. Born Daunte Ealy, the rising artist was always immersed in the soul-stirring and riveting force of music, penning down poetry as a child while attending Morse Middle City. Inspired and driven to use his talents in music to impact people’s lives, King $wagg began working on independent musical compositions in a recording studio. Debuting his music with the single “Squad”.

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