Slacker Radio became LiveXLive Powered by Slacker

Slacker Radio is uniting powers with LiveXLive to reach the level of the world’s best music platform with live and recorded music delivered audio and video both. The platform improved the design, accessibility and added new tough futures like live festivals and events watching.

With the time users will have the ability to investigate that, but for a moment let’s take a look at Slacker Radio as a streaming music service.

The price for subscription varies from $3.99 to $30 per month and the number of features and limitations change in the same range, but a Family Plan lack at any plan.

Slacker Radio has a panel-driven likable interface as it puts a lot of info on the home page. The navigation across the platform is simple and convenient, you can discover music, view recommendations and tag content that you like or not. It has customizable stations divided by genres, original countdowns, artist takeovers and all the music you love on a personal page.

he Slakers’ Radio DJs take seriously what they do and create good tasted music collections, finding some alternative tunes and using past and contemporary music in a good way. The platform usability and good music collections encourage listeners to come back over and over again.

Moreover, to its strong music collection, Slacker Radio gives ABC News and Slacker Stories from famous pop culture insiders about favorite topics.

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Slacker Radio is quality streaming audio, news with broad customization options make the platform one of the premium streaming audio services.