Music Promotion With TikTok – How Does The Algorithm Work?

The popular social video platform from China nowadays is used not only for funny challenges. It has become quite influential in the USA, helping many artists rapidly climb to the top of their career ladder. It’s mostly because of the algorithm that helps videos to rack up and award the track with a viral status….

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The Music Industry

The music industry going to be reshaped with technology as many business areas did soon enough. McKinsey’s report revealed information that 70% of companies will adjust at least one artificial intelligence (AI) technology by 2030. It is expected, that AI will enhance human skills and will help to become more effective in the field they…

Apple’s iTunes is falling: it will be replaced by three new apps

Apple is killing the iTunes app on the Mac to benefit three new apps in macOS Catalina: Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. Users don’t have to worry about their music libraries, because they will continue to exist directly in Apple Music, regarding Apple. iTunes gift cards to buy content will be available too….