Model 500: legend of Detroit techno

The project Model 500 became a founder of Detroit techno several decades ago. Under this name lies a man named Juan Atkins. His record Enter, released in 1983 in collaboration with Rick Davis (Rick Davis) under the name Cybotron, is considered the first techno release in the history of electronic music.

First techno track in the history of electronic music

Since the late 80s, Atkins has released releases on his own label Metroplex, where he experimented with sound and created a legendary standard called Sound of Detroit.
The godfather of Detroit Techno, as he is called, managed to combine computer synth-pop, space notes of funk music and industrial techno. In 2007, Atkins creates the Model 500 band. This was not the first time, but this time the line-up was a bit different – they were joined by producer DJ Skurge.