New single “Burnin” by Alekz Rush – Review

A few months ago, the soulful dance pop song “Let’s Go Anywhere” developed from the young producer Alekz Rush to the TOP-5 hit in the USA. A lot has changed for the musician since then. Alekz Rush is now one of the most sought-after dance music producers. March 20, 2020 was the release date of his new single “Burnin”. If you only look at the constellation, there is actually nothing standing in the way of another chart hit. We listened to the song and revealed whether the number musically has what it takes to be the next top 5 hit.

Basically, “Burnin”, like the predecessor “Let’s Go Anywhere”, is a quiet dance pop single with soulful vocals. The track begins with the piano lead sound that runs through the entire song and the vocal chops from the upcoming chorus. This is followed by a few stanzas, each harmonizing with the instrumental by Alekz Rush. The drop is in the future house area. The melody in the sound design is bursting with energy and makes you dance. A good mix of real instruments and electronic elements.