New York-Based Musician Apollo Ace Is Well On Track To Reignite DIY Solo Music’ Releases His Latest Composition, ‘Pedal 2 the Floor’

The concept of DIY solo music used to be extremely popular. However, as the music industry evolved, it became less dominant & artists with major label backing became the most listened to again . However, it would be wrong to assume that music lovers do not want to listen to DIY solo artists anymore. While the section might be niche, it is definitely an interesting avenue to explore, especially with artists like Apollo Ace. 

Apollo Ace is a DIY solo music artist from New York City. His journey in music roots way back to his childhood days, when Apollo used to freestyle over YouTube beats with his friends after school. However, the hobby soon turned into a serious passion, as he gradually started understanding the nuances and technical aspects of music. Over the years. Apollo Ace has had several releases under various names, but unfortunately, he would stop releasing music when gaining too much attention. Despite these challenges and struggles, the New Yorker has decided to give it yet another shot, with more preparedness and understanding of the music industry.

Apollo Ace’s music has a unique vibe attached to it. Most of his compositions take the listeners through an enriching journey – the one in which their present moments and past history are bridged together, recovering lost memories while living in harmony with new experiences.

When asked about his inspiration, he commented, ‘Through my music, I share moments with those who think they are alone in their individual circumstances. What inspires me the most is the ability to emanate a feeling of guidance in dark times.’

Though Apollo Ace has always been able to connect with the audiences, due to some reason or the other, his compositions had not made the mark they should have. On the other hand, he has not had a very smooth journey thus far. Apollo Ace only had a handful of resources at his disposal – a Logic Pro and a cheap microphone. In the name of artistic pursuit & space, he had to tear apart his 3×5 coat closet and redesign it into a home recording studio. Despite all these challenges, he has been able to come through strong. Recently, Apollo Ace has released his latest single named ‘Pedal 2 the Floor’ , and the tides seem to be turning in his favor. The song has already received wide-scale appreciation from the audiences. Also, it seems like the New York-based DIY solo artist is finally finding his feet in the ultra-competitive music industry. 

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