Techno doctor Richie Hawtin

A legend in the history of world electronic music. His sets expand the boundaries of the usual, his music is always diverse, despite his favorite style of techno. He sets the tone for young artists, many stars try to imitate his technique and style of writing music.

Huddersfield University awarded Richie Hawtin, who does not need long performances, with an honorary doctoral degree for his contribution to the development of musical technologies. Hawtin was Ph.D. Rector Sir Patrick Stewart, who is known to the general public as Captain Picard of the popular Star Trek sci-fi franchise.

Honorary doctorate from Huddersfield University has become the third international award of Richie Hawtin for the last time. Last September, the Independent Music annual ceremony in London honored his contribution to world music culture. Then in October 2014, the musician received the Sake Samurai award from the eponymous association in Kyoto, Japan.