A Guide on How to Build a Website for Musicians in 2020

It is not a secret that websites are significant for businesses. It may be costly for you to build a quality website. But believe us, it will bring an excellent and professional reputation to your brand. It will take your brand to a whole new level and change people’s perception of you. Today everyone can have a social media account, but not everyone has a website. If you have one, it will make you stand out from the public and be different from other musicians. Websites are one of the most effective ways for musicians to promote your music and help you become a very successful musician. 

If you want to build a website, this article can help you create the best website for you. You will be able to make a website that allows you to sell music and attract fans and new audiences. If you already own a website, you should take advantage of our tips and make your website more powerful. For example, you can solve some drawbacks which your website may have. To continue reading the article and develop your website in the best way possible. 

Why Building a Music Website is a Must for Musicians

You may have thought that in 2020 websites may not be as vital as they were a couple of years ago. And the reason is that today social media has most of the features that websites were providing before. But believe us, websites can give a lot of advantages to you, and you should be wise enough to take these advantages. Below you will find some of the reasons why you should build a music website.  

It is Your Property

If you have a website, it is your own. You can change whatever you want and whenever you want. The rules are yours, and you are the one who decides how your website should look and what features it should have. So we recommend you to create a website which is easy for your fans to find. Hire professionals who will help you in the process of building a music website. 

It Will Give You a More Professional Look

When a musician has a website, it automatically creates a professional brand. Fans like when their favorite artist looks professional. Other industry professionals will also pay attention to the fact that you have a website. They will like that they have an opportunity to contact you through an official website. So having a website helps you to be one step ahead of other musicians in the industry. 

Essential Data

Your website will have all the valuable and essential information about you and your career. For example, your website may have the contact number and email address, helping people contact you. Producers or agents will be able to contact you quickly and arrange bookings. In addition to this, your website will give you critical data. The data will help make significant decisions for your career. 

An Opportunity to Sell Your Music to Your Fans Directly

Having a website helps you to contact your fans directly and sell your music to them. Social media accounts may not help you very much in selling your releases. So if you already have music or plan to have a new release, then you can sell your music directly to them through your website. 

How Musicians can Build a Music Website 

There are many things that you should pay attention to before designing a website for musician. We highly recommend you to hire professionals who know everything about building websites. This way, you will have not only a professional but also a useful website. 

First of all, you should pick a template that is more appropriate for you. Choose the template colors and what features your website should have. Colors are very important because they should be comfortable for people to look at. We highly recommend you to pick three colors and stick to it. Don’t use too many colors. Decide what should include the menu of your website and where it should lead users. There are many essential aspects that you should be aware of while building a website. So discuss it with the professionals and create the best website. 

How to Build the Pages of Your Website

Now when you already have the website, it is the perfect time to understand what pages it should have. We will provide a few things which will help you to keep your website look organized.

Have a Purpose for Each Page

It would be great if the pages of your website have separate and clear purposes. People want to click on the page and see the content which they were looking for. So take your time and work with content creators. This is an essential part of your website. 

Choose Simple Names for the Pages

Remember that your website is part of your business. So while choosing the names for your business, don’t emphasize creativity. Pick the most convenient name, which will give an accurate description of the page. For example, the part which describes what you do can be named “bio” or something else. 

How You can Monetize Your Website and Earn Money

As we have already mentioned above, there are a couple of ways which will help you to monetize your website. Firstly you should sell music directly to your fans through your website. It will help you take most of the money from sales and provide an official source to your fans. But of course, don’t forget about other platforms, where you should have your music displayed. 

Another thing which you can do is to sell your merch. You can create different t-shirts or CDs and other creative items and sell it through your website.

As you already understood, there are a lot of ways that you can gain an advantage from having a website. So explore it and try to get the most out of it.