“OPA Tay Forye says fuck city recognition, I want to takeover the world!”

This is the exact title of his newest released first professional studio EP Fuck City Recognition. After beginning the year with a bang with single “Stand Up,” this unsigned Midwest talent has reached further in his versatile repertoire with this new project. The latest set from the Southern born and raised lyricist isn’t just more of the same gritty fare fans have come to expect but also a fresh sound with hard hitting tracks covered by Forye’s sweet vocals.

Fresh off from recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the One Hundred Percent Approved (OPA) mastermind’s latest collection of songs wavers from the formula of detailing the tough upbringing he endured with his soldiers along with the mention of high knowledge outside the realm of most poor to medium class people. His single “Jus The Intro,” shows his lyrical prowess and his untapped potential to come.

Forye has hinted that he would be walking away from the microphone to focus on the business aspects of new multi-branding company, E & N Visionariez, but he sounds as hungry as ever so maybe there’s more music from him to come in the near future.

Check out OPA Tay Forye’s latest Fuck City Recognition in the streams below.